The New Multi-Oven Range that will blow your mind!


Very exciting news! AGA has come out with two new lines, AGA Professional Line and AGA Legacy ranges which offer trendy, modern styles with unique designs. Overall, AGA is a luxury brand that offers premium quality appliances and multiple range configurations. AGA Professional Line is reflected by European cooking and an elegant, smart design that captures top chef performance in this new beautiful model. AGA Legacy ranges are classic with a modern twist, including unique range handles, flexible electric ovens, and an adaptable cooktop. These new multi-oven range designs are flexible and offer multiple models for electric, gas, and dual-free options which we will mention below!


AGA Mercury

This range oven promotes and embodies “stately precision” and keeps professionalism while bringing consumers the perfect balance of professional design and modernity. The knobs are flat-faced and smooth and have a modern stereo style. The products name “Mercury” is displayed in stainless steel letters across the bottom of the oven and it comes in a variety of colors like white, red, ivory, matte black, glossy black, and stainless steel of course. This range is a statement piece because the elements of design are distinctive and not to be ignored. This range offers the most efficient production and an extraordinary balance between commercial taste and modern residential that makes it the perfect oven range for contemporary homes. AMC48DF-AGA-Mercury-Dual-Fuel-Range-open-ovensElise 48”

These 48” luxury ranges are tasteful, multi-functional, and spacious which lets you maximize space in your kitchen and get the job done. This size range is not the best for a city apartment, but it has many perks to it, for example, it has three distinct ovens that let you control three different temperatures at one time. Meaning, you can cook three different dishes in the same oven at the same time! Imagine how fast you can make that Thanksgiving dinner! These multi-oven ranges include seven methods that offer stellar multi-functional benefits. Those methods are convection cooking, defrosting, convection broiling, three different levels of heat, and baking fan assistance. This range is perfect for entertainers and at home “chefs” because it gives you the possibility of multitasking while obtaining space in your kitchen. There are different models that offer, a removable rack, smaller standard oven, and a storage drawer to keep your kitchen tools handy. If you’re looking for an efficient, spacious, and stylish range, this would be the right range for you!



Elise 48” in White and Ivory

This range has an elegant and more ornate style than the other ranges. One of the most vibrant features is the four-pointed knobs that are delicate and charming. This design gives you the feeling of a classic French kitchen, which is a great choice for any traditional kitchen. This style comes in the same colors as the Mercury range, but the colors look different on this design. On the other hand, the logo is smaller and on the side of the range, with metal trim accents that line up with the drawers. This range is not as bold as the other ranges, but it offers a rustic, classy look to your kitchen!




There is no denying these ranges are the next level up from your typical range, they look great and get the job done. The ranges come in an induction cooktop or dual-fuel and both of the ranges are beautiful and have the power to cook any meal you desire! Dress up your kitchen with either of these ranges that will make a design statement in your household. AGA nailed it with these new, multi-oven ranges that do it all!


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