Simple way to clean the inside of your microwave


Do you have stubborn stains and food particles left behind inside your microwave? No one enjoys cleaning their microwave even when it is necessary.  It is a small, awkward, and often difficult space to clean. Well not anymore! With these simple steps cleaning your microwave will no longer be a task you are dreading to complete.

Only a few things are needed to complete this easy microwave clean. All you need is a 4-cup large microwave-safe bowl, 1 cup of water, your choice of citrus fruit (Lemon, lime or orange), vinegar (optional), and a dishtowel or rag.

First, grab your microwave safe bowl and add one cup of water to it.

Next, cut up your choice of  1 whole citrus fruit into small pieces, then add it to the bowl.

Next, add a splash of vinegar for an extra powerful clean (optional).

Then turn your microwave on High for several minutes or until the solution boils and the window is covered in steam.

Once the window is completely full of steam, wait five minutes or so before opening the microwave door.  This gives the steam from the bowl the opportunity to help to loosen tough stains, making them easier to wipe away.

Once complete, remove the dishwasher-safe bowl and the turntable and wipe down the inside of the microwave.

If the window is greasy afterward, you can clean it with a mixture of half vinegar and half water.

Not only does this eliminate the tedious scrubbing inside of the microwave, it also is not as time-consuming. You can complete other tasks while your microwave cleans itself.


We hope this easy clean for your microwave was useful. We hope you enjoyed reading our blog. If you want to read more go to comment and share!

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