Are You Loading Your Washer Correctly?


Doing laundry seems easy because all you have to do is shove all of your clothes into the washer and press the start button right? Wrong.  Just because you are putting a huge load of laundry in the wash at once does not mean that it will get the efficient washing it’ll need.

Here are some tips to remember when doing your laundry:

Read The Instructions:

Check the instructions on how to load your specific washer model before putting clothes in. Usually, the most comment order to put load your laundry is start with the detergent, laundry items then the water. It is important to follow this loading order to prevent any damage to your garment.

Avoid Over Loading:

Stuffing your laundry into the washer will not only damage your appliance but will not give your clothes the proper washing it needs. Pushing or squeezing laundry into the drum will end up in a tangled ball of wet laundry that most is most likely still dirty. When garments are stuffed into the drum with no room, it will come out partially clean because it leaves less room for the water to circulate in order to wash your clothes efficiently.  Give your clothes some room to move around in the drum which will result in clean fresh clothes.

When there is a too heavy load into the washer it can cause the agitator to shift out of position and go off balance during the spring cycle. If this persists, it can potentially damage the motor and bend the washer’s frame.

Keep the heavier items at the bottom:

When doing the laundry, keep the heavier bulkier garments at the bottom of the load and place any smaller, delicate garments on top. This allows the smaller items to not get swallowed by the heavier items during the spin cycle.

Add The Correct Amount of Detergent:

Adding too much detergent can damage your washer and even leave your clothes still dirty. To avoid this mishap, Make sure to also measure how much detergent you are using and keep in mind of the load you put in as well.



Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed our blog. Make sure to read the instructions to load your washer correctly. If you have any tips and tricks to share with us leave us a comment and check us out at

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