Garbage Disposal Maintenance


The last thing you want to do after making dinner and washing the dishes is clawing out remains of food scraps. Thank god for garbage disposals, it saves you the hassle of a gross task and that is why it is important to keep up your garbage disposal maintenance! Homeowners fail to properly use their garbage disposals which can lead them to face frequent problems. No worries! With these simple procedures, your garbage disposal will be kept up to maintenance and it will reduce your chances of problems!


Operate Your Disposal Using Cold Water

Cold water keeps food scraps stiffer and harder for grinding food, so always run cold water when your garbage disposal is running. It is also important to let the disposal and water run for about a minute after the water is done grinding. This helps the blades be free of food scraps and free of scraps sticking to the water pipes.

Size Makes a Difference

Grind a small amount of food into little pieces to prevent jams and/or clogs when running your disposal. The bigger the food pieces, the harder your disposal has to work and the faster it will become damaged or break. You can use a Sink Stopper to prevent large pieces of food from entering the disposal, get it here! 

Eliminate Unpleasant Odors

A smelly odor is bound to form from your disposal from the mix of food that is thrown and ground in it. First, you want to eliminate grease, do this by running a little dish detergent with cold water down the disposal. Food can stick and cause clogs and this will eliminate grease from the bottom and sides of the disposal. Use small slices of orange, lemon or limes to help remove wastes in the disposal; it also eliminates the buildup of odors.



What Can I Put in the Garbage Disposal?  




Bread breaks down easily and dissolves in water, but use water to avoid it turning into paste. Don’t throw in a whole loaf, break it up into pieces.

Bones, Fruit Pits, Small Pebbles

If it is something you cannot chew up yourself then it shouldn’t go into your garbage disposal because it causes clogs and blade damage.

Cooked Vegetables and Meat

Cooked vegetables and meat is already relatively soft enough to grind up but avoid bones and stringy vegetables.

Grease, Oil, Greasy Foods

A mix of grease and water hardens when it’s cooled and it is very bad for septic systems. It also causes clogs and effects the blades.

Egg Shells

Most people think you shouldn’t throw these into the disposal but they break up easily and are not heavy. P.S. the carton they come in is not ok to throw in!

Pasta or Rice

Throwing in too much pasta or rice will soak up the water and expand in the pipes causing them to clog.

Ice Cubes and/or Rock Salt

Throwing these into the disposal will beat the ice or salt rock around and will help scrape things off and keep it clean!

Vegetable and Fruit Peels

The skin of fruit/vegetables is a lot tougher than you may think. A little is okay but avoid throwing in too much to prevent clogs and blade damage.


Thanks for reading! Make sure you are keeping up with your garbage disposal maintenance! Please share with others who may need to tune up their disposals. If you have any tips and tricks to share with us leave us a comment and check us out at


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