Mini-Series: How Often Should You Clean… Bathroom


As the winter months are approaching, families will be spending a lot more time inside and that means more contact with each other and more importantly germs.  So we have brought to you a Mini-Series!  Every week, for the next couple weeks we will be bringing you a new room to clean in your home.  This week…? The Bathroom.

We all know that the bathroom is infested with germs and most likely one of the dirtiest rooms in the home.  The toilet, shower and sink are just some of the places that are crawling with microorganisms.


The can, commode, latrine, lavatory, or porcelain throne; either way it’s no one’s favorite thing to clean.  Cleaning your toilet should happen at least once or twice a week.  If you are sharing a one bathroom with more than two people then it’s recommended that you should clean it more frequently.  When you flush the toilet, the rush of the water sends microbes into the air.  Depending on the force of the flush microbes can go as far as SIX FEET away from their starting point.  Once these gross little germs are in the air they can land anywhere that they want.  On your toilet seat, counter top, mirror or even a tooth brush!

To increase cleanliness for the toilet you should:

  • Flush with the toilet seat down. This makes it so fewer microbes get into the air and the ones that do, will not go as far.
  • Use a toilet cleaner with bleach/ long lasting cleaner to keep microbes out of the picture for a longer period of time.
  • Make sure you clean the base of the toilet as well. It can be covered in mildew, bacteria and possibly worse.


A shower is probably something that you forget gets dirty because this is where most people get clean.  When you wash your day away in the shower the dirt doesn’t just go down the drain; it can stay inside the base and the walls of the shower.  Mildew can be your worse enemy when it comes to your shower.  The hot and steamy environment is where bacteria and mildew thrive.  To achieve peek cleanliness you should clean your shower around once a week depending on the amount of showers and the amount of people in your household.

To increase cleanliness for your shower you should:

  • Dry your shower once you get out, every time you get out. The dry environment delays the production of mildew.
  • Using a long-lasting cleaner in between major cleanings can help keep bacteria at bay. A delayed timing cleaner is also something that can help.  It’ll work around the clock and in between uses when you aren’t even thinking about your shower.
  • Clean your shower head to make sure you are getting the best water pressure and cleaning yourself with the best conditions possible. Use a vinegar soak or any other hard water/ calcium build-up cleaner to ensure cleanliness.
  • When showering, open a window or turn on a fan to keep less steam in the air and keep the room dry.


A bathroom sink is where many people have half of their life pretty much sprawled out on one surface.  It’s a medicine cabinet, a vanity, and a sink all wrapped in one beautiful bundle.  With so much soap going into one area you would think that it would be one of the cleanest places in your bathroom. Unfortunately this isn’t true; it’s definitely one of the hot spots for germs to manifest.  Just like your shower and your toilet, you should clean your sink at least once a week.  This even goes for the bathroom mirror above the sink.  That can be covered in saliva from brushing your teeth and products from doing your hair.

To increase cleanliness for your bathroom sink you should:

  • Clean your drain once every 3 months. Remove the stopper and get all of the gunk and hair of out the drain.  To take your cleaning to the next level you can take apart the drain and give the pipes a soak in a vinegar bath to make sure it’s squeaky clean.
  • To clean the faucet and counter surface, try using a disinfecting wipe with an antibacterial cleaner.
  • Use floss to in the tiny spaces that your fingers can’t get to. It will get all of the little bits of gunk that even a cotton swab cannot get.
  • Same as a shower; try and keep your sink as dry as possible.  That way you can avoid mildew and bacteria growth.

Germs are an inevitable part of life.  However, if you take steps to ensure that you are doing everything you can to delay the growth of bacteria, mildew and microbes you will hopefully have a healthier and happier winter.

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