Unexpected ways to use dryer sheets


Although many homeowners believe that dryer sheets only have one use, it can be used in several other ways around your house! You may think the only use of dryer sheets is to ensure your clothes have a pleasant fragrance but it can be used for personal grooming, outdoor protection and more. Below is a list of alternative uses for dryer sheets!

Clean You’re Shower

Take a dryer sheet and damp it with water and use it to scrub streaks and spots. Dryer sheets contain ingredients that can help soften unnoticeable film left on your glass shower door or tub.

Show Deodorizer

Stick a dryer sheet into your sneakers and any other types of shoes you may have and it will absorb foot sweat to give your shoes a tolerable fragrance.

Wash Tough Pots and Pans

Dirty pots and pans are the worst to scrub out; good thing dryer sheets help soften soap scum and make scrubbing your pots and pans a whole lot easier. All you have to do it toss a dryer sheet into soapy water of the pot/pan you are cleaning. Let it sit there for at 12416533_l.jpgleast an hour maybe longer and you will see the remainders of the food magically unstuck to your pot/pan! It’s that simple!



Screen and Glass Cleaner

They make good use to wipe off fingerprints on your computer monitor and TV screens or glass surfaces like windows and doors.

Tame Frizzy Hair

If you have frizzy hair, you know the struggle of wind interfering with your hairstyle, one minute your hair is silky and clam and the next minute it’s a fuzzball! No worries just carry a few dryer sheets in your bag and whenever your hair gets out of control, run a dryer sheet over your hair to reduce static. Make sure you are not roughly rubbing the dryer sheet in your hair because it will cause it to be greasy and that is worse than frizzy hair.

De-cling Your Clothes

The same for hair applies for clothing if your skirt is sticking to your thighs or tights wipe down your tights or skirt with a dryer sheet to stop your clothes from clinging. This also works for shirts that attract static and little fur balls.


Attach a dryer sheet to the top of your duster and use it to attract dust particles when dusting your furniture.

Repel Pests

As much as we like the smell of dryer sheets, for some reason rodents, mosquitos and other pests do not like the smell of it so you can use this to your advantage! Tuck a dryer sheet into your pocket, place it in drawers, corners, or any crevice or nook. It will also smell good! To avoid mosquitos and bugs when camping, carry dryer sheets in your pockets or rub them onto your skin or clothing to repeal them!


Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed our blog and can use these tips every day! If you have any tips and tricks to share with us leave us a comment and check us out at http://www.1stsourceservall.com/

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