Product Pick of the Week: Anti-Vibration Pads


Welcome to our series, every week we will be selecting a new part or product we sell and explaining its use and importance. This article will talk about the Anti-Vibration Pads. They reduce the noise and vibration generated by your washing machine and/ or dryer model. 1st Source Servall will explain the way that anti-vibration pads are used on your own washing machine and how it makes for a much quieter laundry expierence.

Do you ever hear a consistent knocking down in your basement? Did you just put a load of laundry in? Oh yeah, it’s your washing machine or maybe even your dryer. Well, 1st Source Servall is here with Good news! There is a product that quiets down your washing machine and dryer for good. This product is called Anti-Vibration Pads. These pads fit almost every type of washer and/or dryer. With these, you will never have to listen to that annoying knocking down in the basement ever again.

How do they work?:

The bottom of the anti-vibration pads treads grip on the floor to make the laundry appliance stable.

How to install:

  • Remove the protective layer on the pad
  • Position one pad in the corner of the washer/dryer
  • when placing the pad, place it so the top surface faces upward
  • repeat for all four corners

Reasons to use:

  • These anti-vibration pads are safe for all floor types
  • Fit on almost any washer/dryer
  • Reduce noise

After installing these you will hear nothing but peace and quiet down in your basement or inside your laundry room.

We hope this product of the week selection was useful. We hope you enjoyed reading our blog. If you want to read more go to comment and share!

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