Kitchen’s Guide to Cleaning Your Small Appliances


With summer leaving and fall beginning, you begin to realize how much you actually use your small appliances. You buy small countertop appliances to make baking and cooking easier but you may not be aware of how often you should be cleaning them! Homeowners may think since the appliance is smaller than it doesn’t need regular cleaning, but smaller appliances work more, more frequently, and are given less care. Learning how to clean and maintain the performance of your small appliances will keep them running smoothly and efficiently. Here are a few small home appliances and how to clean them spotless!


Make sure your toaster is unplugged and cooled down before you begin cleaning. Since toasters catch all the crumbs, pop out your crumb tray and shake off loose crumbs. Wash the crumb tray with warm soapy water until it is clean. Use a pastry brush to get into the corners and crevices and wipe the exterior with gentle soap and a soft damp cloth. If your toaster is stainless steel use a clean cloth with some vinegar to leave it shiny. Pop your crumb tray back in and you’re finished! Make sure to clean your toaster this thoroughly once a week!

Panini Press

Yet another appliance that requires removal of tough grease stains but these easy steps make the process less dreadful. Unplug the press and use a nylon scrubber with a little soap to scrub off the grease stains. If the scrubber is not working, wet a towel with the hottest water possible and place it over the cooking area for 15 minutes, return and try again if it does not work the first time.




Cleaning your microwave may seem like a hassle with all that rough grease that is left behind, but it is quite simple! All you need is a half cup of water, a half cup of white vinegar, a microwave safe bowl and a damp sponge or cloth. Place the water and vinegar in a bowl and microwave it on high until the mixture is boiling and the window steams up. Let the microwave cool for a few minutes, and then wipe the interior down with the sponge or cloth. The heat mixed with these ingredients makes the greasy debris soften and makes it easier to wipe off.

Electric kettle24555327_l.jpg

Fill your kettle to the full line with vinegar, boil it then let it cool. Turn off the kettle and unplug it from the outlet. Let the vinegar sit in the kettle for about 20 minutes then throw away the vinegar and rinse the kettle. Make sure to rinse it multiple times so there is no trace of vinegar in the kettle. Wipe the inside of the kettle with a clean cloth and let it dry. Lastly, boil water in the kettle and discard it to remove any remains of vinegar.


Food Processor

This may be more of a hassle to clean than the other appliances but it’s worth it if you use your food processor frequently. First, you have to disassemble the appliance and wash all the removable pieces with warm water and dish soap. The blades should NOT be soaked in water but gently wiped down. You can wash the removable pieces in your dishwasher as well. Next, wipe down the base and motor area using a damp cloth. Do not pour water over the base/motor unit, simply wipe it down. Lastly, dry the removable pieces and reassemble them!

Waffle Maker

This cleaning process is for non-stick surface waffle makers. Unplug the appliance and use a nylon scrubbing pad, small brush, or a microfiber cloth to clean in between the bumps and ridges. Then, rinse it gently with a damp towel and wipe down the rest of the appliance.

Toaster Oven23834891 - two pieces of toases in the oven

First things first, unplug the appliance, put the toaster oven on a piece of newspaper to catch the crumbs and take out the metal tray and lower crumb tray. Use dish soap and water to wash the trays in your sink. If there are rough grease stains let it soak overnight. You can use a store-bought cleaner or make a homemade one with vinegar, warm water, and some dish soap and use a damp sponge to wash the exterior. If there are still grease stains, try washing it when the toaster oven is still a little hot but unplug it of course!

Stand Mixers

Homeowners dread cleaning their stand mixers because of the corners and crevices they need to clean, but no worries this cleaning process is more simple than you may think. All you have to do is apply a little bit of dish soap to a sponge or a cloth under warm water. Scrub the greasy surface and watch the grease and gunk come off. Dry it with a paper towel and use Q-tips to get the gunk in the crevices and that’s it!


Thanks for reading! Follow these easy cleaning instructions for your small kitchen appliances to ensure they are shiny and spotless! We hope you found this post helpful, be sure to like and share it with friends! Please feel free to leave any tips, questions, comments, or recommendations in the comment section below. Please visit for any parts you may need for your appliances.



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