Dryers: Which setting should you use?


Doing laundry seems pretty simple but do you use the same setting for every dryer load? If yes, then you are most likely doing your laundry wrong this entire time. By using the same settings for every load will not give the best results from your dryer unless you were all the same types of fabrics with the same size load.
These setting might be confusing but there are there for a reason. By following our guide and you’ll never ruin your garments by picking the wrong settings.

Normal Cycle:
This cycle uses the highest drying heat to quickly dry your clothes. Since this is the hottest setting to choose, this can also be very harmful on your clothes. The cycle can even shrink certain fabrics if they were previously washed in hot water. Use this setting to dry whites, socks, and towels.

Permanent Press:
This uses minimum heat to preserve any colored garments from fading. This can also act as an alternative to ironing. Although the heat is lower than the normal cycle it is still advised to not put any delicates in because the heat is still too high.
Air Fluff Dryer Cycle:
Want your garments to be softer? Toss them into the dryer with the air fluff setting. This cycle does not use any heat but instead recirculates room-temperature to soften your fabrics. This protects the fabrics from fading while allowing them to soften up. This setting will not work on any wet clothes since there is no heat added.
If you do not have time to hang dry or lay your delicates then you might want to use the delicate setting. This setting is for those frail delicate fabrics that cannot put up with a lot of heat. This setting uses air that is a little bit warmer than room temperature to gently dry your garments.
Steam Cycle:
This is a newer setting on the latest dryer models. This feature creates a steam to refresh clothes that do not need to be washed but need wrinkles and the odor to be removed. This cycle can be added at the end of the drying cycle to prevent wrinkles. This setting does not aid in the drying process.


We hope you enjoyed our blog! Now you can use the correct settings on your dryer to avoid any mishaps. For more information check out our website at http://www.1stsourceservall.com/ If you have any other dryer tips feel free to leave a comment and share to others who aren’t sure which dryer setting to use!

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