Washers: Which Setting Should You Use?


Washers feature different settings for a reason. The settings you choose affect the longevity of your garments. Find out what these settings on your washing machine mean for a good laundry cycle.

Load Size:

Always refer to your washer’s manual before trying to guess what small, medium and large means. According to the general rule of thumb, here are the load sizes you should select based on your washers capacity.

  • One-quarter full – small 
  • One-half full – medium 
  • Over one-half full – large 
  • At full capacity – super large 

Wash Cycle:

Choosing the wrong cycle will not ensure that your clothes are getting the efficient washing it needs. Here we have listed the most common wash cycles:

  • Rinse and Spin: This is not recommended if you need a deep cleaning since it does not use any detergent. Just like the name says “rinse and spin”. This is used if you are just rinsing a fabric.
  • Heavy Duty: This cycle is for heavier and stronger fabrics such as towels and jeans. This cycle features a long, hot wash and high-speed tumbling.
  • Bulky: This cycle is made for bulkier fabrics such as blankets, pillows, and rugs. This allows water and detergent to penetrate the thicker garments. This has a medium wash and spin.
  • Permanent Press: Select this to minimalize wrinkling and fading in synthetic fabrics, blended fabrics such as dress shirts and pants, and preserve the finish on wrinkle-free items.
  • Delicate: This setting should be used for fragile items that would be damaged in other cycles. This cycle features a cold wash with slow tumbling and spinning. Use this cycle for sweaters, lingerie, and other items that are fragile
  • Normal: These cycles consist of high-speed wash and spin which is hard on more fragile clothes. This cycle is typically for cotton or blended fabrics.


Most washers allow the user to choose the temperature that they want when washing their clothes. Hot water cleans fabric better but depending on the type of fabric it can also cause shrinkage. In order to avoid ruining your clothes follow these guidelines to see what temperature you should use.

  • Hot: Best for white fabrics made out of cotton or athletic wear. This temperature is good got sanitizing items.
  • Warm:  This is best for any colored garment or synthetic, permanent press fabrics. Use this temperature for sheets and towers as well.
  • Cold: Cold water is the gentlest temperature on fabrics. Use this temperature for dark and delicate fabrics. This is perfect for clothes are might bleed or shrink. 


We hope you enjoyed our blog! Now you can use the correct settings on your washer to avoid any mishaps. For more information check out our website at http://www.1stsourceservall.com/ If you have any other dryer tips feel free to leave a comment and share to others who aren’t sure which dryer setting to use!

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