Mini-Series: How Often You Should Clean… Bedroom


It’s that time of the week again.  Mini-Series Time!  This week we will be telling you how often and how to clean the most germ infested parts of your bedroom: the mattress, laptop and phone and the TV.  These parts of the bedroom are things people don’t think to clean often.  Clothes, sheets, blankets; these are the things that people are usually concerned with cleaning.  Today, however, you are in for a rude awakening.


Mattresses now are made to be a better quality than those made in the past.  Because of the higher quality mattresses don’t need to be flipped, however, you can still rotate them (switching the head and foot positions).  You should do this once a season as well as clean your mattress once a season.  The different seasons bring different weather and thus, different sleeping conditions.  Even though you can change your bedding as often as you want, cleaning your mattress should also be part of your seasonal cleanings.

Tips for cleaning your mattress:

  • If you can take your mattress outside in the sun and hit it with any hard object. This will get the dust mites, human skins, and dander off the mattress.  The sun has a natural cleaning ability to kill the rest of the bacteria on the mattress.
  • Use a baking soda covering on your mattress and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. The baking soda will absorb the odors on the mattress.  Once it has sit for 30 minutes or more take your vacuum and vacuum up the baking soda.
  • Treat any stains right when they happen to ensure the least amount of damage is happening to the mattress.


On average we have our phones on our person over 80% of the time.  Whether it’s in our hands or just near us in bed, a desk or the couch.  Our phones see a lot of germs, more than we could even anticipate.  Our laptops are near us only a fraction of this but are still teaming with germs.  We do everything from work to leisure activities and everything in between on them.  All in all these two electronics have seen some germs.  You should clean your phone once a week because of all the exposure it’s getting to pretty much everything.  For a laptop you should clean it about once a week, but more if you are sick and continuing to use the laptop.

Tips for cleaning your phone:

  • Use a CLEAN microfiber cloth along with a little rubbing alcohol and wipe all over. This could save you a cold.
  • When cleaning your phone think of the case it’s in. Cleaning this once a week could also help bring the bacteria count way down.

Tips for cleaning your laptop:

  • To clean the touch bad and in between the keys you can use a diluted solution of water and rubbing alcohol.
  • For the monitor use a microfiber/ lint-free cloth to get rid of dust and smudges. No alcohol or ammonia for this will damage the screen.


Most televisions today are High Def, LCD, LED, or at least a flat screen.  These screens are temperamental and don’t like the usual cleaning methods.  Because of this we have tips on how to clean your TV every two months.

Tips for cleaning your TV:

  • For the screen you should use a lint-free cloth to wipe off the durst and possible smudges.
  • For the rest of the television you should just be dusting it with a microfiber cloth so it will catch the dander and not just sweep it into the air.

Hopefully you will practice all of these safe cleaning habits and your fall and winter will be less germ infested.

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