How to get your home ready for Trick-or-Treaters this Halloween!


YES, it’s that time of year again HALLOWEEN! This costume influenced, a candy-loving holiday is right around the corner and you need to get your household ready for your neighborhood guests. If you plan on participating in these spooky festivities, we listed out some tips to ensure that trick-or-treaters will be safe this holiday!

Turn on the light

Don’t be that house on the street without any lights on! Having your front porch lights on indicates you’re open for trick -or-treating business. It is like a signal representing that you are ready for treaters to come and get their candy! If you run out of candy, you can let people know by turning your front porch light off.

Display holiday décor

If your household is the type that adores dressing up their homes then décor is very important to you. A few pumpkins or spider webs lets people know you are excited about the holiday, but going all out will make the trick-or-treaters experience more memorable.


Clear a path

If you do have Halloween décor on the front of your home, make sure there is a clear path for those coming for treats. If you have personal objects like bikes or children’s toys make sure those are not in the sidewalk or porch so no one trips over it.

Sweep the sidewalk

With fall comes a whole lot of leaves, this could be a slipping hazard so before the treaters arrive, sweep away any debris from the sidewalk or driveway.

Turn on extra lights

Just to be safe, turn on additional lights like a stair or garage light to assist those who do not frequently visit your home. You don’t want anyone to get hurt on Halloween, let alone on your property! Also, make sure to check all the lightbulbs outside and if they are burnt out change them. You can also add festive lighting like lanterns but make sure there are no open flames because it is a fire hazard.

Put pets away

Yeah, you may think your pet is harmless but not everyone likes animals or is comfortable around them. You also don’t want your pet to hurt any treaters because this is always a possibility. Leave pets inside and away from the door to prevent any harm.

Greet guests

If you are planning on handing out candy all night, set up a personal space outside to greet the treaters. This lets them know you are ready for them and you can watch the parade of costumes!

We hope these tips will help you get your home ready for Halloween festivities and ensure that trick-or-treaters will be safe this holiday! We hope you found this post helpful, be sure to like and share it with friends! Please feel free to leave any tips, questions, comments, or recommendations in the comment section below. Please visit for any parts you may need for your appliances.

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