Is a Steam Oven Worth It?


Everyone is always looking for the next big thing.  Here at 1st Source Servall we like to be up to date on everything and all things appliances.  With technology changing every five minutes it seems, there has got to be down sides to this along with all of the good things that the new appliance has promised.

This brings us to a rather odd find; a steam oven.  It has promised to cook all of the same things that a regular oven can cook, but with steam.  As well as replace reheating with a microwave.  The steam replaces any of the fat that you might need to cook with.  Here is a list of some other pros to owning a steam oven.

  • Come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and finishes
  • Different levels of technology integrated into the design
  • Helps food keep its natural texture, flavor and color
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduced cooking time

With all of the good that comes along with the steam oven, there’s got to be some downsides.  Upon research of this product as a whole, and not by brands, is that there are very, very, very little downsides to this product.  One review of the product said that “it’s a pain wiping off the condensation after cooking”.  In another review, the user said that you can’t obtain a golden or crispy exterior, like what you would want on a turkey on thanksgiving.  One thing that could be setting people off from getting this product is the price tag.  The at-home models can range from $250.00 all the way to $8,000.00

With all of the plentiful things that this appliance can do is it worth the price tag?  Will you get a steam oven?

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