Fire Prevention Month


It’s almost the end of October! With that being said, did you know that October was fire prevention month? Its okay if you don’t but you should still follow these tips even after October ends to prevent a fire in your home.

Keep Plugs Safe:
Do you leave your entire appliances plugged in even when you aren’t using it? Well …. make it a habit to not do this! This is very dangerous because it can cause short outs, sparks and overheating.
Prevent Electrical Fires:
Keep your cords and wires from being tucked under rugs. It is extremely important to avoid loose connections, and if the plug is loose inspect your outlet right away. This can cause overheating and potentially a fire.
Smoke Alarms:
These are one of the most important items to have in your home. If you want to keep your loved ones safe, install a smoke detector on every level of your home and test it monthly.
Alternate Heaters:
Make sure there is enough space around the heating unit. Also, make sure that anything that can catch fire is at least three feet away. Your chimney should be inspected annually to help keep fires inside the fireplace.
Be Careful Around the Holidays:
Holidays are around the corner that means decoration lights. These are cool to have all over your home but can also be very dangerous. Keep your holiday decorations away from anything that can catch on fire. Dispose of any frayed or exposed wires.
Dryer Safety: Lack of maintenance is one of the main causes of dryer fires. If your lint filter is not consistently cleaned it can cause build up which will cause a fire. Did you know that dryer vents require regular cleaning? Blocked dryer vents are very dangerous and one of the main causes of fires in your home.
Regular Inspections:
You should be checking all of your electronic equipment and wiring monthly.

Thank you for reading! We hope you follow these safety precautions! For more tips, you can check out our website If you found this post helpful be sure to like and share it with a friend. Please feel free to leave us any tips, questions, comments, or recommendations in the comment section below.

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