Mini-Series: How Often You Should Clean… Garage


During this mini-series we have looked at the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom.  Now it’s time to get “down and dirty” and tackle the garage.  Not one of the main rooms in the house but still something that could get overlooked.   Sooner or later we will clean the whole house!

Garage Fridge:

The fridge is usually full of pop, beer, or other drinks for the house when the kitchen fridge is full.  It’s very useful when buying in bulk.  It’s not as utilized as the kitchen fridge but it should still be cleaned from time to time.  The question is; how often should you clean the garage fridge?  Well the answer really depends on how much you use it.  If it’s used as much as a kitchen fridge then probably a monthly cleaning will suffice.  If it’s used just as extra storage then most likely clean it from season to season.  However, because of the damp environment of a garage keep an eye on possible mildew and mold build up.

Tips for cleaning your garage fridge:

Garage Lighting:

Every garage has a light; you need to be able to see what you’re doing when the time comes to get to work.  Every garage also has spiders and other bugs.  This can cause cobwebs and other bug carcasses scattered along the place.  This can be an issue when it comes to the lighting.  You should clean the lighting in your garage every month at least to make sure that the lighting isn’t the thing that is obstructing your work.

Tips for cleaning your lighting:

  • Take a broom and lighter glide it over the fixture to get the cobwebs off of it. Do this on the walls and ceiling to get the cobwebs off in hard to reach places.
  • For a deep cleaning turn the power off, then take apart the fixture and clean it in detail.


Obviously you should be cleaning the floor of your garage.  There could be screws, nails, and other handy equipment especially if you use the garage for handy work.  In most garages there is a cement slab that is constituted as the flooring.  This is a blessing because cement is a pretty easy material to clean.  You should clean this monthly to seasonally, depending on what you use your garage for.

Tips for cleaning your flooring:

  • Use a push broom to get all of the bigger debris out. Pushing it outside against the wind path so the dirt won’t go right back into the garage
  • To get oil stains out of concrete a simple dish soap will work just fine. One with “grease-fighting power” will bring the most success.

Although the garage isn’t the first thing we think of when cleaning the house, it’s for sure on the list.  Something so useful should be shown more attention by everyone in the house.

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