How to Get Pet Hair Off of Everything


Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person or you could have a more exotic pet, your pet’s hair is bound to get all over you and your home.  Today we’ll explore some ways to get pet hair off your clothes, furniture and floors.


Getting pet hair off your clothing can sometimes mean more than just a lint roller, however, those work when you’re in a bind.  If you don’t happen to have a lint roller here’s a trick; damp your hands with water.  Make sure that they aren’t soaked, just damp.  Pet the hair off of your clothing and the hair should come off.  Wash your hands with soap and water to then get the hair off of your clothing.  If you have a lot of pet hair on an item of clothing you can throw it in the dryer.  The movement and heat will cause the hair to go into the lint trap and no longer on your clothing.


To get pet hair off your furniture you can mix up a solution of fabric softener and water.  Spray this on the upholstery and then wipe the hair off.  Damp a sponge with water and then wipe the hair off.  A lint roller will also work for a small amount of hair.  If you can possibly make another pet out of the hair on the furniture then you should use the water and sponge.  Using an anti-static spray will help the removal process along as well as help in the future pet hair not stick to the upholstery.


When you vacuum your carpet to remove the hair that just doesn’t want to leave, try switching directions and going over the area twice.  This can loosen the hairs.  Also using a rubber broom before you vacuum can loosen the hairs from the carpet fibers.  Using a wet mop on hardwood or laminate floors are something most pet owners swear by.  The padding on the mop attracts to hairs and keeps them locked in until you’re done cleaning and can either throw out the pad or rinse and wash (if it’s reusable).

Something that can help your entire house hold, especially in the upcoming winter months, is a humidifier.  Having one in your home on a low setting will remove the static in the hair and stop the hair from sticking to EVERYTHING.  Taking preventative measures are also not frowned upon.  Brush your pet regularly to lessen the amount of shedding.

Click here to find out how to clean your pets bed and lessen the hair in your home even more.

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