Handle up or down, which way is the correct way to clean your silverware?


Have you ever wondered what the correct way to wash your silverware is when putting it through the dishwasher? Some say handles up so that when you grab the silverware you do not touch the part that goes into peoples mouths and food. Others say to put the handle going down so that the water and detergent reach and rinses the silverware better. What is the correct answer?

The answer is…

Handles up! When it comes to all three utensils handles up is the most sanitary. What would be the point of washing your dishes and then having the germs from your dirty hand get all over the squeaky clean part of the fork or spoon that goes into your mouth and food? Even with the handles up the top of the utensils get just as clean inside the basket because they still have the powerful water force and detergent reach them to give them a perfect clean.

Handles up is also much safer. Especially with the knives and forks, this prevents any punctures to the skin while unloading the silverware from the dishwasher. If when you put all handles up the basket is too cramped from all the heads of the silverware facing down, you can flip around some spoons to make some extra space. Otherwise, all handles up are the way to go.

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