Naturally deodorize a stinky garbage disposal


If you have a garbage disposal in your sink you know how helpful it is in your kitchen! One of the main reasons your kitchen might smell is because your garbage disposal needs to be cleaned out! Every now and then the disposal itself needs to be cleaned to eliminate odors that might be lurking around down there. You can buy chemical products that declog your garbage disposal or you can make a natural deodorizing method that is also cheaper than commercial products! Below we have some quick ways to absorb the smell in your garbage disposal!

Ice and Salt

Other than using dishwasher soap and water, you can use ice and rock salt! These will help get rid of any repulsive smelling foods that may be stuck in your garbage disposal. Food can get stuck in between the blades or the disposal walls, ice helps sharpen the blades and salt helps to disinfect the disposal. If you do not have rock salt lying around, sea salt or even normal salt will work fine.


Citrus Fruits35307955_s.jpg

Many homeowners don’t realize how much fruit peels can actually do, they can get rid of stains on wood, clean countertops and deodorize a garbage disposal! This is one of the most common ways to de-stink your disposal. Use the peels of lemons, oranges, limes and anything of the kind then throw in the peel or the whole fruit if it is going bad anyway. Then just turn the disposal on and it will do the work for you!


Baking Soda

You may already know that baking soda gets rid of odors because many homeowners keep a box of baking soda in their refrigerators to eliminate odors. The same applies for garbage disposals, just pour a little bit down the disposal and rinse it with water. The bicarbonate of the baking soda neutralizes and eliminates odors in a natural way.


Baking Soda and Vinegar

This recipe will clean your garbage disposal very well, and all you have to do is, pour baking soda into the disposal and then pour some vinegar. Mixing these two ingredients causes a chemical reaction and will help loosen up the food particles that are stuck inside. After you see the substance bubbling, leave it in there for five to fifteen minutes depending on how stinky your disposal is. Lastly, rinse the substance with HOT water.


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