Going Tankless for the Winter!


Let’s face it come winter time your water heater is going to have to start working overtime. For those extra hot baths, long steamy showers, warm water for your dishwasher, and many more,  if these are running simultaneously a standard tankless water heater might not be enough for you and your family.  Are you saving money by have an unlimited water heater? Take these tips into consideration if you’re thinking about purchasing a tankless water heater.

Tankless water heaters are also referred to as demand-type or instantaneous heater; provides hot water directly to the unit, without the use of a storage tank. Gas –fired tankless water heaters generate higher flow rates than electrical ones. However, sometimes even if you own the best and largest gas-fired tankless water heater, it will not be enough hot water to supply multiple uses.

When you have tap water turned on, the cold water travels to the unit (dishwasher, washer, shower, faucet etc.). Either a gas burner or an electric heating element heats the water. Therefore, a tankless water heater will deliver you a continuous supply of hot water!


  • Reduces your household energy consumption and will save you money!
  • Save space in your home and offer longer warranties
  • Better for the environment because a rusty tank does not end up in a landfill.
  • Life Expectancy: Most models will last more than 20 years- roughly twice the amount of a traditional water hear


  • Tankless water heater cost up the three times more than storage heaters
  • If you have an older home you might have to hire a technician to rewire the electrical system to support this water heater
  • Gas-fired water heater can waste energy if you are constantly burning the pilot light
  • Tankless water heaters should be de-limed once a year by a professional. Traditional water heaters don’t require as much maintenance

So what do you think? Is your home fit to have a tankless water heater?

Thanks for reading!

If you need to replace any parts for your water heater you can find an oem replacement part on our website!

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