What Appliance Are You?


Last week we had Water Zodiac signs figure out what appliance suits them best and why.  This week it is the Fire signs turn.  So all my Aires’, Leo’s and Sagittarius’ get ready.



An Aries has confidence and courage.  They thrive on being the first to accomplish anything and everything.  This might stem from the fact that they were the very first zodiac sign.  They bring a very energetic presence to anything that they do.  Because of this they are most like a blender.  A blender is always energetic.   However, just like a blender, an Aries can be moody and short tempered.  When things aren’t going well when using a blender it just spins the blade without actually blending anything.  In other words, being moody.



A Leo is creative and passionate.  They are a natural born leader with many friends.  They often bring together many different kinds of people who often share the same goal.  Because of this a Leo is an electric kitchen mixer.  A mixer can bring ingredients together just the same as a Leo can bring people together.  Another way that a Leo is an electric mixer is how stubborn they are.  If you have ever tried to take apart an electric mixer you know how stubborn they can be.



Sagittarius’ are generous and adventurous.  They are one of the biggest travelers among the zodiac signs.  A Sagittarius has to constantly be in touch with the world and they want to experience the world to the fullest.  Because of this a Sagittarius is most like a vacuum.  It can go all over the house as long as there’s carpet or any vacuum-able surface.  A vacuum is probably the most in touch appliance with the world because it has bits and pieces from all over the house.

Next week we will be exploring what appliance the earth signs are most like.  The earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.  Don’t miss out!

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