Can Plug-In Air Fresheners Cause a House Fire?


Everyone loves when they walk into a home or office and there’s a pleasant aroma in the air.  There’s nothing worse than having a bad smell in the air.  Luckily, there are products in the market to fix this.  Plug-in air fresheners took the market by storm.  All you have to do is plug them in and they do the rest of the work.  The room smells like vanilla and everyone’s happy right?   Maybe not.  Could be doing more harm than good for your home?

Plug in air fresheners may seem like a good thing.  Gets rid of the stench in your house and makes it smell pretty.  However, there have been many reports of the plug-ins causing house fires. But is there any proof that goes along with the claims? The insurance companies say that a little air freshener can over heat and cause the house to go up in flames in a matter of minutes.  There were even email chains going out to warn people about the dangers of the plug in air fresheners.  Some have even said that they are more dangerous than candles.

SC Johnson, the company who the claims were mostly against, initially made a recall of roughly 2 million plug-ins.  They wanted the public to feel safe again while also being able to cover for anything that could happen after the recall.  After the recall, the company as well as a private agency did a huge investigation into the claims.  In the end, they concluded that the plug-ins were perfectly safe when used properly.  The electrical wiring within the building that the plug-in was being used could have been faulty and was the cause of the fires.  It may look like it was the air fresheners.  But the wiring was in the end the culprit.

All in all air fresheners, whether they plug in or they are sprayed or it’s a motion sensor one, are safe for your home.  As with anything you should read the directions before using and this is also a lesson to check your homes electrical wiring.  These appliances are luckily still safe to use and will keep your home smelling fresh.

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