5 Tips to Make Your Refrigerator More Efficient This Winter


There are plenty of ways one could go about making any appliance or even your home more efficient. Going green can help you save money in the long run and make your appliance last longer. Here are a few tips you can implement on your refrigerator to make it operate more efficiently!

  1. Vacuum Behind The Fridge

Everyone tends to forget about cleaning behind the refrigerator on cleaning day. It’s the last thing anyone wants to do because it is not exactly easy to move it. Dirt, dust, food, almost anything can accumulate over time behind the refrigerator. This can collect on the condenser coils and make your refrigerator have to work twice as hard. Once you’ve cleaning them off, the heat generated from your refrigerator will be able to be carried away without resistance. Thus, making your cycles run for shorter periods of time.

  1. Analyze the Door Gasket/Seal

Use the dollar bill trick in order to see if your gasket/seal is damaged and air is escaping from the refrigerator. The gasket/seal is responsible for preventing warm air from entering the refrigerator so the contents inside stay cold. If you gasket/seal is damaged consider replacing it.

  1. Cover and Protect Everything

Many foods that you store in your refrigerator contain moisture. We’ve all witnessed it happen before. Food will actually carry into the air and the compressor will have to work overtime in order to remove it!

  1. Allow Your Food to Cool Before Storing it

Soup, chili, any hot food is ideal this winter. But placing hot food in your refrigerator will damage your refrigerator. It will have to work overtime in order to cool your hot to food. Consider waiting for your food to cool down before placing it inside your refrigerator.

  1. Fill Empty Space with Water

If you have empty water bottles, juice containers, or even water jugs laying around the house you’re in luck! These can actually help keep your refrigerator full when you aren’t storing it to the max (but let’s be honest… no one likes an empty fridge).  They also help keep your refrigerator cold so it doesn’t have to work overtime thus wasting energy.

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