What Appliance Are You?


Last week we looked at how the fire signs matched up with household appliances.  This week the earth signs are in for a treat.  Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn get ready.  This week is all about you.



A Taurus is reliable and stable.  They feel the need to touch and taste a lot of things, these are the most important senses to them.  Because of this we have decided that a Taurus is most like a countertop can opener.  A can opener had to be reliable to work for you when you can’t open a can for yourself.  However, along with being reliable Taurus’ as well as can openers are also very stubborn.  Have you ever tried to open a can with a can opener but couldn’t find the right position and it won’t open no matter how you wiggle it? Can openers might just be more stubborn than a Taurus.



Virgo’s are hard working as well as practical.  An appliance that is hard working and practical? A common appliance in the basement; a dehumidifier.  They never stop working unless they become unplugged.  They are very practical for a home especially in a basement.  They get all the excess moisture in the air out and can prevent mold in a basement or any other part of a house.  Every time you empty the water tank in a dehumidifier, it’s like it’s starting to take the water out of the air for the first time again.  A Virgo likes to experience everything like they are experiencing it for the first time.



Capricorns are responsible and have an abundance of self-control.  They represent time and responsibility and they like to learn from their mistakes.  An oven mostly resembles a Capricorn as a household appliance.  Ovens have a lot of self-control.  They can get up to a certain temperature and regulate it to go no lower or higher.  Capricorns are also unforgiving just like an oven.  When cooking something too hot in an oven, you tend to burn it.  And we all know that there is nothing unforgiving about burned cookies.

Next week is the last blog for Zodiac signs.  Next week are the Air signs which are Gemini, Libra, and an Aquarius.

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