How to Clean and Replace a Furnace Filter



A furnace is in your home to help heat it.  A furnace filter is in your home to ensure that the air you are breathing is of a good quality.  There are an abundance of furnace filter types.  There are disposable and non-disposable.  Among these there is a rating that the filters are given to tell how high the quality of the filter is.  The higher the number the better the quality.

Disposable filters cannot really be cleaned.   You can tell that it is disposable because of the cardboard trim on the filter.  These filters should just be thrown away and then replaced with a new one.  When it comes to the non-disposable furnace filters you can simply clean them at home.  To start you should obviously turn off the power to the furnace before doing anything.  Find the filter within the furnace.  In some cases it can be behind a panel and you have to use a screw driver to get it out.  Once you have the filter out, rinse it off with a hose outside or in a sink.  The most important part is to let it DRY COMPLETELY.  Adding a wet part into an electrical unit will for sure end in chaos or at least with a hefty furnace repair bill.  Slide it back in and you should be breathing easy.

Changing your filter can help your home have a better quality of air and help yourself and your family.  If you are changing your filter what seems like an outrageous amount, then please call a local heating and cooling company to check on your furnace.

44485450 - new premium furnace filter on black background.

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