How to Cut Down on Energy Use this Thanksgiving


Leading up to Thanksgiving Day and on the day of you will be using more energy than normal in your kitchen. Think about all of the appliances you are using to prepare those meals. Here are four ways how you can cut down on energy use on Thanksgiving.

  1. Pre-Holiday Prep:
    • Before Thanksgiving, be sure to clean out your refrigerator and throw out any spoiled items so your refrigerator is only keeping the essential food items at a proper temperature.
  • Plan to cook oven dishes alongside the main course. If you cook dishes at the same temperature at the same time the turkey is in the oven, you will reduce the amount of time the oven has to be running.
  1. House Temperature:
  • Lower the temperature on the thermostat. You oven will actually help heat your house, and so will the people inside your home.
  1. Cooking:
  • Consider using your oven’s convection settings when possible. When heated air is circulated around the food it reduces not only the required temperature but the cooking time as well.
  • Use lids on the pots to save heat! By having a lid on the pot you are speeding up the cooking process and keeping your home more cool.
  • Use your microwave when you can. Microwaves got food faster and use less energy than the oven.
  1. Clean Up:
  • Skip hand-washing your dishes. Your dishwasher uses less water and cuts down on time! Plus, no one likes to have raisin fingers!
  • Be sure to wait till food cools before placing it in the refrigerator. Your refrigerator will have to work overtime in order to cool the food to a proper temperature.

Thanks for reading. If you need to replace any parts for your appliances you can find an oem replacement part on our website.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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