What Appliance Are You?


Last but not least are the air signs; Gemini, Libra and of course the Aquarius. Although coming in last on our list they are still very important.



A Gemini is gentle and adaptable. They have a very open mind as well as a mold-able one. Because of this we decided that a Gemini is most like a crock pot. A crock pot or, a slow cooker, is very versatile. You can cook a plethora of things in them. Anything from cake to soup to lasagna and ribs; everything is fair game.



A Libra is a cooperative being. They are fascinated by the balance of life. Because of this we have concluded that a Libra is a thermostat.   Just like a Libra a thermostat has to be cooperative with the whole house and has to find the perfect balance when to turn on the air or the heat to maintain a certain temperature.



An Aquarius is independent and original. They are also temperamental. Because of this we have concluded that an Aquarius is a laptop. A laptop is independent because it isn’t connecting or confided to being plugged in all the time. They are original because of the cases and stickers that people decorate them with. Just like a laptop, an Aquarius needs time alone to recharge and get ready for more activities.

Although it’s sad to see this series go away, it’s been a wild ride week to week figuring out what appliance everyone is. Come back to the 1st Source Servall Blog to get helpful hints and other household appliance help.

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