How Often To Change Water Filters


There’s one thing in this world that everyone should have no matter age, size, gender, etc.; and that’s water. To increase water intake, companies have been including filtered water everywhere they can to ensure the water the consumers are drinking are of the very best. With all of these water filters that we have how do we know when to change all of them?

To change a water filter that is in a portable pitcher that you can have in your fridge you should first check to see the packaging instructions. Most of the pitchers have a guide that you can put right on the handle, almost like a sticker, so you won’t forget to change it. This is usually every 40 gallons of 2 months.

Some water filters are built into your fridge. These are extremely helpful for the whole family to grab some cold filtered water without cramming your refrigerator up like the pitcher. These water filters should be changed every 6 months. If this is avoided then the water can smell bad and even have a bad taste to it.

For the portable water filters that are almost like a water bottle that you can take on the go, you should clean these every 5 uses if it’s just water. The filter should be changed every 40 gallons or 2 months just like the refrigerator pitcher.

Get as much water as you can, but try to remember to be healthy and clean and replace your water filters to stay away from sickness.

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