Tips to consider when buying a space heater


Space heaters are an easy and convenient way to raise the temperature in your room! They are available in multiple sizes and styles and they can offset utility costs during the winter. Some space heaters have special features like automatic oscillation or digital controls. When it comes to buying a space heater, you want to buy the perfect one for your home. Consider these top five things when shopping for a space heater!

Heater Type

What type of heater is best suited for your space? There are three essential heating technologies or categories, which every space heater falls into. First being, convention heaters which provides even whole room heating. Second, radiant heaters that quickly heat up and are good for spot heating in small spaces. Lastly, mica- thermic heaters that offer fast, widespread heating and save space. You can also consider getting a wall heater which some simply can hang on walls with brackets.

Heating Capacity

How much space will the heater cover? This is determined by the wattage rating of the heater, a room heater uses 100 watts to heat each square foot of your space. A 1,500-watt heater will cover rooms as large as 150 square feet. This does not apply to every model, but depending on the heating technology, the application, and your environment, some space heaters may cover more space.


It is a good idea to compare the efficiency of space heaters before choosing one. It is important to choose the right heater for your environment ant and space. Special features like adjustable thermostats and programmable timers are energy saving modes and help minimize power usage to contribute economic operation.

Safety Features

Space heaters can be fire hazards if you don’t monitor it properly, therefore, it is important to be cautious of safety! Some space heaters have features of internal switches that automatically shuts of the power of the heater if it is accidentally tipped over or knocked down. Many manufacturers include cool to touch surfaces for secure operation. Another safety function is overheating protection which is included with most space heaters. This switch is a sensor that turns the heater off if it is internally overheating. Please be cautious with your space heaters!!!

Noise Level

Lastly, no one wants a space heater that makes a bunch of noise and keeps you up at night rather than warm and sleepy. Baseboard heaters or oil-filled radiators are non-fan-forced units which are silent and perfect for quiet environments.


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