Get Yourself Prepared For The Holiday Season


Holiday Season is when family and friends gather at our houses and we hope that everything goes right. The holiday season also adds a lot of stress on our appliances. Whether it’s cooking up your best holiday meals to storing them in the refrigerator and cleaning our dishes. This time of the year is when we typically use our appliance more than usual.

So how do we save our appliance during this holiday madness? Here are some tips to find out!

Prepare Your Oven:

It is recommended to clean your oven 2-3 weeks before cooking a big meal especially since Christmas is around the corner. Do not wait until the day before because the self-cleaning function can require the oven to get very hot and cause damage.

Clean The Fridge:

Don’t clutter up your fridge with old food and new holiday meals. Cleaning your fridge will get rid of any odor and make room for new fresh food that is going to be made for your Christmas meal.

Clean Your Dishwasher

Having a broken dishwasher during holidays is a huge disaster.  If you plan on having Christmas dinner at your home, you might be having a lot of dishes to do after. Make sure your dishwasher is running efficiently for best results.

Clean Your Sink:

You should disinfect your sink regularly but during the holidays we are always a little bit busy to do so. Bacteria can accumulate in your sink over a long period of time. Use rubbing alcohol or water with bleach to eliminate bacteria to ensure your sink is safe to put food in.

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