Saving Energy and Saving Money!


During the winter it’s hard to cut down costs on electric and heat because you really can’t leave your home or tell the kids to play outside because it’s a nice day.   So here are some energy saving tips for winter.

Put plastic wrap around your window frames.  This causes a second barrier for the cold in your home.  Put double-sided tape around the frame and then place the plastic wrap around the frame, making sure it’s on the tape.  Use a hair dryer to seal the plastic to the tape and you have a brand new barrier.  This will let you turn your thermostat down at least 5 degrees.

Another tip you can do is changing the way your ceiling fan turns.  In the summer the fan will blow counter-clockwise to push hot air up.  In the winter change the direction to clockwise so the fan pushes the hot air down.

Investing in flannel sheets for the winter months can also cut costs.  Because you are in a warm cocoon at night you can then turn your thermostat down 10-15 degrees.  This will save you about 10% a year in your energy costs.

Try these tips out at home this winter and see the savings end up in your pocket.

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