How to avoid appliance returns this holiday season!


It’s that time of year again, holiday shopping and relatives visiting from various areas! With everything going on during this busy time of year, the last thing you want to add to your list is “return a gift”. Returns are an inevitable part of holiday shopping, but no worries because we have some common reasons as to why consumers returned certain appliances.

It was the wrong appliance for the job

This usually occurs from unmet expectations about the performance of the appliance. The best way to avoid returns on an appliance, for this reason, is to ask a sales representative to demonstrate how the product works. Or you can try it yourself depending on what appliance it is.

It didn’t fit

The worst is when you buy an appliance, bring it home and are super excited to install and try it, but it’s too big or small! You can ask a retailer to remove it from the box so you can see the size of it. If you really have the time and want to be very precise, bring a tape measure and make sure it will fit in the spot you want it in!

It didn’t match

Maybe it’s not the right color or size, but this is a very enormous reason why consumers return their appliances. You can research the appliance in advance to see what variations it comes in and which one you would like.

What can you do? Research!

Research is the key to avoiding returns and below are some tips to help you choose the right appliance either for yourself or as a holiday gift!

Go “Hands On”

  • Go to the store and get hands-on experience. Ask your retailer to demonstrate how the product works and this will eliminate confusion about size and performance.

Read & Watch Reviews

  • With today’s tech-savvy consumers, there are many resources online for consumers to learn about the product. There are even studies done to show statistics on what consumers prefer and did not prefer in an appliance. Videos allow you to see the product being used and reviews tell you how well the product works. This is always a good way to review and research a product before purchasing it!

Research the product through the manufactures website

  • Manufacturers strive to be clear about features and benefits of their products. They will provide you with extensive resources that help consumers understand what they are buying.

Contact the manufacturer directly

  • There’s nothing better than going straight to the source, but many consumers don’t realize that this is an option. Most manufacturers have the resources to answer your questions and resolve any issue you may have. Be straightforward with the manufacturer and tell them exactly what you want or need the appliance for and they will help you choose the best option.


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