Dishwasher Cleaning Hacks


Your dishwasher will be on over load this holiday season with all the family visiting.  Here are some helpful tips on how to clean your dishwasher after all the holiday chaos is over.

Run an empty dishwasher on a long, heavy cycle with one cup of white vinegar in it.  Then when it’s done, sprinkle around a cup of baking soda on the bottom of the appliance and run it on a short, hot water cycle.  This will rid the dishwasher of all the gunk and keep it running at peak performance.

Another way is using lemonade Kool-Aid mix.  You add the entire packet of the unsweetened lemonade mix in an empty dishwasher and then it should be clean after that.  The citric acid will rid the dishwasher of iron stains and lime deposits.

Follow these simple steps and your dishwasher can be running maybe even better than before!

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