Pros and Cons of Buying Used Appliances


Updating your appliances is an exciting change especially during the perfect time, the New Year! Talk about a resolution! If you’re looking for a bargain, which you probably are because Christmas most likely left your wallet empty. The best purchase to consider is a used appliance! Below are some pros and cons of buying used appliance’s to help you determine if that’s the best option for you!

PRO: You can negotiate the price

When you shop for a new appliance at a popular appliance store, you have no control over the price. Typically the only leeway they will have is a discount or promotion which is controlled by the store. When you buy used, you typically deal with a person face-to-face and you can negotiate. When negotiating start low and after a little back and forth, you should be able to agree on a price that makes you both happy. Sometimes sellers will sell you the appliance for cheaper than listed just so they can get it off their hands.

CON: There is no warranty

When purchasing an appliance at a reputable store, you have a paper trail that ensures a warranty on your appliance if anything happens to it. When you buy used, it’s usually a cash transaction and there is no warranty. If the appliance becomes damaged soon after, you may not be able to return it.

PRO: Some used appliance are not really used

Appliances become “used” when they aren’t straight out of the stock room. “Used” appliances could be an oven that was a floor model at another store or an appliance a homeowner purchased but did not want. When you’re buying an appliance from someone’s home, you will expect it to be substantially used, while it might only have a dent on it. You can get lucky and find an appliance that is in almost perfect shape, or you can find one that is somewhat used but cheaper.

CON: You may need to find your own transportation

Buying appliances from reputable stores is an easy process because they arrange the delivery for you. On the other hand, if you are buying a used appliance, the seller might require you to find your own way to transport the appliance. If this is the case, borrow a friend’s truck or hire someone to move the appliance for you.


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