Does the Extreme Cold Hurt Appliances?


With the harsh cold attacking the US right now people are stocking up on supplies, schools are closing and roads are getting awful to drive on.  You might be prepared for whatever Mother Nature is ready to throw at you, but are your appliances ready?


Heat: A good rule of thumb is to keep your heat on all winter long.  If you turn your heat completely off then your pipes will freeze.  This will lead to a whole hassle of problems that honestly we should all just avoid.  You should keep your heat no lower than 55 degrees if you’re leaving your home for an extended period of time like a vacation.

If your appliances are facing an outside wall or are in a basement or garage you should take these precautions.


Washer: If you’re not using your washer then you should either unhook your water lines so they don’t end up with ice in them instead of ice.  Or you should just but insulation around the tubing.  Washing your clothes with ice is not really effective.


Devices: Leaving a GPS or a phone out in extreme weather can hinder the battery life.  You want to bring these things in at night so that way they can have a break from the cold and it won’t hurt the gadget.


Vents: Any exterior and interior vents should be given a lot of area to “breathe”.  To do this make sure the openings are free from any debris or snow.  Because these are so warm in the cold be sure to check for little rodent friends too.  They might want to make a little warm home in a dryer vent.


Garage: Most homes have an extra refrigerator or a freezer in their garage.  When temperature go below freezing; it might be best to just empty and unplug the appliance altogether.  The cold weather can hurt the appliance and ruin its temperature gauges or worse and just break it past the point of even fixing it.

Make sure you stay warm and be careful on the roads as winter is hitting us full on.

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