Cleaver Tricks to Fix Your Oven


Is your oven leaving food burnt on the edges but practically raw in the middle? Check out these tips and tricks to see how to fix it on a budget.

You can try recalibrating your oven.  This is a simple fix where you have to see if the sensor is broken or just adjusting the dial.  What this does is ensure that when you heat your oven to 350 it is actually going to 350 and not 400 or 300.

If recalibrating doesn’t work then you can possibly have a broken or damaged bake or broil element.  You can check this by seeing if the top and bottom elements are red hot when you heat the oven.  If the top is not red hot then it’s the broil element.  If the bottom isn’t red, then it’s the bake element.  Get your new bake element here and your new broil element here.

Something could also be wrong with the cookware you are using.  If you’re using a bread pan to bake a cake then that might be the cause.  Make sure you’re using the appropriate cookware and cookware that is up to date.  Older cookware might affect the internal temperature of the baked/broiled items you’re trying to make.

You can also adjust the racks.  If you want to broil something then you should put it closer to the broil element than the bake element.  If you are baking chicken then put it closer to the bake element rather than the broil.  A good rule of thumb to follow if you’re unsure is keeping everything in the middle of the oven.

If something more than this is wrong with your oven then call your local appliance repair service to get a full diagnostic.

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