Food Processor Hacks Your Never Thought Of Until Now


Food processors are perfect for chopping, mixing, and blending recipes. It makes cooking easier and saves you time in the kitchen. If you already own one, chances are you appreciate it all that it does for you. Are you using your food processor to it’s fullest potential? Here are a few ways to use a food processor that you never thought of until now!


Food processors are perfect to use for soups, smoothies, sauces, fresh food, frozen food, roasted produce you name it. Make sure you pulse the chunky fruits and vegetables first then you are whipping them into a liquid.


If you don’t want to use your hefty stand mixer you can easily use your food processor. Yes, your food processor can be used to help make pie dough as well! The S-blade can really cut up that butter into flour without melting it. Even cookie dough and cake batters can be mixed in a food processor. So next time if you are debating whether to use your stand mixer or your food processor for baking, just keep in mind your food processor can get the job done!


Do you own an ice dispenser that crushes ice? Or is yours broken? Have no fear your food processor is here. You can crush up those ice cubes in your food process or easily. Place the ice cubes in the food processor and pulse it until it is finely ground. If you need to replace any parts for your ice maker you can find an oem replacement part on our website!

Knife Work:

Use your food processor for knife work. Use it chop up nuts, grind coffee beans, grind toast to make bread crumb, and even mince garlic. Save yourself a trip to the hospital and place those hard to cut foods in the food processor so it can get the job done for you.


How many of you dislike grating cheese? Well your food processor is perfect for shredding that cheese up for you. You can chop salads, make quick breads, and even some homemade coleslaw as well. Even use it to help chop up those veggies you don’t want to spend all day chopping. Carrots, Brussel sprouts, zucchini, and cabbage too will chop up effortlessly. Shred up that cheese for queso or cheese on pizza!


Using the S-blade, with a sprinkle of sugar and salt simply make sorbet in a flash! Save yourself time and money by making it at home. Plus you know exactly where your ingredients are coming from.

Thanks for reading!

What are you favorite recipes to make with your food processor? Let us know in the comment section below!

If you need to replace any parts for your food processor you can find an oem replacement part on our website!

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