What happens when you overload your washing machine?


Let’s face it, no one likes doing laundry and there is nothing worse than having a mountain of clothing overflowing your laundry baskets. Our first instinct is to throw all our laundry into one load and it’s easy to do so because everything can squeeze! Many homeowners don’t realize overloading their washing machine can damage it and damaged the efficiency of your washer.


What actually happens when we overload our washing machines? Check below to find out!

Clothes won’t get clean

Clothes need space to agitate and rubbing of fabric helps disintegrate dirt, but if you overload your washer the clothes won’t be able to act as a washboard. Also, the spinner will halt and won’t spin the fabric as effectively, leaving the clothes acting as sandpaper and wear out faster. Larger loads may require an additional rinse cycle to get rid of excess detergent and this means your washer would be using more electricity and water to complete the cycle.

Stress on the Washer

An excess amount of laundry in the washer can cause the agitator to break or become damaged if clothing wraps around the fins. Also, the rotating drum of a washer can be thrown out of alignment if overloaded. Adding too much stress on your washing machine can lead it to break, which would rank up repair costs or lead you to have to buy a new washer.

Detergent & Water Levels

More laundry means more detergent and the combination of more detergent and less room for laundry to move could cause the washer to overflow with suds or water. Make sure you’re using the right amount of detergent based on the type of washer you have. It is important to balance the load size with the proper water level. Too much water can cause clothes to not disintegrate dirt and grime because the clothes won’t contact each other. Too little water will leave your clothes sudsy.

Load Size Guide:

  • Small Load: fills washer tub 1/3 full
  • Medium Load: fills washer tub ½ full
  • Large Load: fills washer tub ¾ full


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2 thoughts on “What happens when you overload your washing machine?

  1. Wish Disher in UAE

    If you overload the washing machine, clothes won’t be free to move around and get clean, because they can’t be properly soaked in water and laundry detergent. In addition, when you overload your washing machine, the washer adds extra stress to the motor and the tub bearings and you could damage your appliance.

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