How can I fix a leaky dishwasher?



There can be many reasons why your dishwasher is leaking, below are the most common parts and problems that may be causing a leaky dishwasher. Check these parts and test them if needed, to resolve your dishwasher problems!

Door Gasket

The dishwasher door gasket seals the gap between the opening of the dishwasher tub and the outer edge of the door. It’s made of soft rubber and is located around the dishwasher door. The door gasket can dry out, loosen, or break which can cause leaking, if there is a leak in front of the dishwasher, you may need to repair or replace the door gasket.

Pump / Pump Seal

This pump circulates and drains water in the dishwasher, if the pump is not working properly, it can cause a leak. The pump is surrounded by a rubber gasket and if the gasket dries out it can loosen and cause leaking. These leaks aren’t noticeable until you remove the access panel at the bottom of the dishwasher which you will have to do to replace or remove this part if it is the problem.

Water Inlet Valve and Hoses

The dishwasher water inlet valve helps to supply water to the dishwasher and it is located behind the lower kick plate. Check the connection of the hose to the valve to make sure it’s secure and check the housing for any cracks. It is best to check these when the dishwasher is filling for better observation. If you do see any cracks in the hose you may need to replace it.

Spray Arms

The dishwasher spray arm rotates and sprays water to clean the dishes inside the dishwasher tub. Most spray arms are made of plastic that can break and interfere with the spray pattern and cause leaking. Even metal spray arms can separate at the seams or bend which also causes leaking. Check the holes in the spray arm and if it’s clogged, clean it out.

Float / Float Switch

The dishwasher float switch shuts off the water fill valve if the water level gets too high before the timed fill cycle ends. This part is located inside the tub at the bottom. If this part is broken, the water level may get too high which is causing your dishwasher to leak.


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