Increase Appliance Longevity: Refrigerators


When we purchase a brand new appliance such as a refrigerator, we want to develop a long-term relationship with it. Our refrigerators are incorporated into our everyday routine so when it suddenly dies it becomes very frustrating and pricey. Regular maintenance decreases the cost of those big un-wanted expenses.
Here are some tips to increase the longevity of your refrigerator:

Clean the Condenser Coils on Your Refrigerator:

close up of condensor coil cleaningThis is one of the most forgotten yet important maintenance when it comes to your refrigerators. The condenser coils will not be able to release heat into the air if it’s coated with dust, which will result in poor cooling performance. The coils should be cleaned at least twice a year.

Change Your Refrigerator Water Filter:

26285588_l.jpgIt is highly recommended that your refrigerator’s water filter must be changed at least every six months. This reduces harmful drinking water by removing contaminants and impurities.

Check Your Door Gasket:

241872514The refrigerator door gasket forms a seal to prevent warm air from entering the refrigerator compartment. If you have a worn-out gasket, it could let cool air escape your refrigerator which will result in spoiled food.



We hope these quick maintenance tips were clear and helpful! Check out our website to find any appliance repair parts you may need. Have a question, tip, or comment?  Leave it for us below!  Be sure to like and share this post and subscribe to the 1st Source Servall Blog to receive regular updates.

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