How to Fix a Leaking Refrigerator


One of the worst things as a homeowner is dealing with appliance problems that require repairs. One of these problems can be a leaky refrigerator which could be an easy fix, so try to fix-it-yourself with these tips below. If you find that your refrigerator is still leaky, call a repairman and have them diagnose the problem! Below are parts of the refrigerator that may be the culprit to your leaky refrigerator so check these parts first!


Check Your Door Gaskets

A direct result of your refrigerator leaking is your fridge not sealing properly, meaning the door gasket may be damaged. When a refrigerator runs, it builds excess condensation on the coils, which can lead to a pool of water. Check the door gasket to make sure you’re getting a proper seal, if you notice a faulty seal, scrub the gasket with warm water. This will remove build-up and add petroleum jelly on the gasket to act as a seal. If you are still experiencing problems with your refrigerator, you may need to call a technician.


Check Your Defrost Drain

Your refrigerator is always producing condensation inside the freezer, which then drips down to the defrost drain and into the drain pan. If your experiencing draining inside the unit as opposed to the floor, then the defrost drain is most likely the problem. It can become clogged with debris so, locate your defrost drain and unclog it by overloading the drain with warm water to get rid of the debris.


Check Your Drain Pan

Your refrigerator drains water into the drain pan from the defrost drain to prevent a pooling in the fridge. Unfortunately, if your drain pan is broken, cracked, or damaged, you will need to purchase a new one. Locate your drain pan and inspect it, if it is damaged in any way, contact the manufacturer or buy a new one here!


When to Call a Professional!

If your refrigerator is still leaking after checking and fixing those parts listed above, your leak may be inside your refrigerator. A leaky refrigerator can be a bigger problem that needs to be dealt with. So, call a technician or get a quote first to see how much the repair will cost.


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