Tips to Prepare Appliances for Moving


Are you moving or relocating to a new home? Moving can be stressful when you have to move your belongings such as your large appliances. Major household appliances such as refrigerators, laundry appliances, dishwashers, and ranges are too large to carry yourself. You are most likely going to need to call a professional moving service. Since most movers cannot interfere with major gas appliances, you will need to contact a utility company to prepare your appliances.Considering they will do most of the work, you will still need to prepare your major appliances for the big move.

Warning: Before prepping any appliance to make the big move, always make sure that the appliance is completely disconnected from any electrical source by unplugging it. This is meant to be a guide and should not be used in place of the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Washer / Dryer:
A week before the big move, run your washer with a clean rinse to remove any detergent and residue from the washer. Also, make sure to shut off the water supply and disconnect the hoses. Any hoses or tubes will need to be removed and packed into a box. For dryers, remove the lint trap from the unit and wash them using soap and water.

For dishwashers, turn off any water supply and disconnect the water line. Remove all of the mounting brackets and be sure to check that all of the racks are empty.

Before disconnecting a gas stove, make sure that the gas line is shut off. For an electric stove, disconnect it from its electrical source.

Turn off all water lines and vacuum the condenser to remove any dust that has accumulated. Clean and dispose of your refrigerator of all perishables. When your refrigerator is completely empty, remove and pack all of the refrigerator shelves in a secure box.



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