How to fix a noisy Refrigerator


How to fix a noisy Refrigerator

If your refrigerator is noisy and seems to continue getting louder, you should spend some time figuring out where the noise is coming from. A noisy refrigerator can be caused for many different reasons and from different parts in your refrigerator. The best way to approach this problem is to check and test the parts of your refrigerator that may be causing the problem. Below we have a list of common appliance repair part solutions for your noisy refrigerator.



This refrigerator compressor is a displacement pump that compresses the refrigerant in the sealed system of a refrigerator. It’s common for compressors to wear down over time but it is not dangerous to run on. If you notice a significant difference in the noise coming from the compressor, it could lead to your compressor failing in the future. You will want to repair this either on your own or call a technician.



Evaporator Fan Blade

This refrigerator evaporator fan blade circulates the air across the evaporator and cools the refrigerants. If you hear a lot of noise when the refrigerator is open, it could be from the fan blade, which is located in the back panel. The reason the fan blade would be making noise is because, it is not be working properly, has something stuck in it, or its rubbing against something. Try to fix those problems by yourself first, if you are not able to you will need repair help.



Evaporator Fan Motor

This refrigerator evaporator fan motor provides efficient cooling in the fresh food compartments by circulating air through the compartments. If the fan motor is run down, it may make a grinding or squeaky noise. The fan motor may need to be replaced if the noise is louder when your refrigerator is open.



Condenser Fan Motor

This refrigerator condenser fan motor turns the condenser fan blade to move air across the condenser coil. The fan motor can be noisy if something is caught on the blades or it is defective. You will need to examine the fan motor to identify the problem; it is located at the bottom of the refrigerator.



Water Inlet Valve

This refrigerator water inlet valve holds the water filter and connects the water lines to the water filter. If you hear a noise when using the water dispenser or ice maker, it can be due to a clog in the water inlet valve. You will probably have to replace it.




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