Types of Freezers for Your Home


Are you looking for a new freezer for your home? Freezers come in various types and sizes with different available features. Since most refrigerators already come with a freezer, you might think that you won’t need a stand-alone freezer. If you are one of those people who like to buy in bulk or prepare for extra dinner, your freezer might get overfull. Stand-alone freezers allow you to save your money and be very convenient and identifying the right freezer will allow you to have more storage space for your bulk foods.

Chest Freezer

Chest freezer models tend to be more energy efficient and offer more space than upright freezers. Almost every inch of a chest freezer can be used as storage. These are also less likely to cause freezer burns on food since they don’t self-defrost by keeping the temperature low. These freezers keep food frozen for a long time even if the power is off for about two days. These chest freezers tend to have a longer longevity than upright freezers. Since the entire freezer can be used as storage, it can be harder to organize. Other than their hanging baskets, there isn’t anything to help organize the chest freezers so sometimes retrieving items at the bottom of the freezer can be troubling.

Depending on the width of a chest freezer its footprint is typically larger than an upright model. You want to make sure that there is enough room to place the freezer. These types of freezers are usually stored in areas with ample floor space such as the basement or garage since they take up too much space.


33455170 - the hand of a young man is opening a freezer door
Upright freezers have a similar look to a normal refrigerator with doors that open horizontally. Upright freezers are typically more expensive than chest freezers because of their features. Unlike chest freezers, upright freezers are easier to organize frozen foods. Depending on the model, some upright freezers have storage systems with adjustable door bins. Even though upright freezers allows sufficient organization, it does have its cons. Since the freezers have a smaller footprint than a chest freezer, large items may not fit without removing a shelf.

Although upright freezers have a smaller footprint than chest models, you still need to consider the space of the area. Upright freezers need room for its swing space, width, and height.


Not Sure Which One to Purchase?
If you are still unsure of which model to consider purchasing, ask yourself these questions.
How much space is in my home?
Do I buy food in bulk?
Am I a fanatic for organization?
What are my food preparation habits?


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