What should I do if my Air Conditioner is not turning on after a black out?


Power outages are not fun and home appliances occasionally have trouble restoring power after a power outage. With the unpredictable weather these days it is relevant to know what to do when your air conditioner won’t turn on after a blackout! There are a few reasons that may be causing your air conditioner to not turn on after a power outage and those reasons are listed below! Check these out before you call a technician to repair your air conditioner.


Fuse or Circuit Breaker

The fuse is designed to handle a certain amount of amperage and if the amps are too large, the fuse will blow to protect the condenser. Sometimes the fuse or circuit breaker trips because of a power outage and it must be resolved before the power can be restored. To locate the fuse you have to locate the disconnect first, which should be a grey box mounted to the outside of your home. After checking this part, you may need to reset it or replace it if necessary.

Power Switch

If the fuse or circuit breaker is not the problem, check the air conditioner power switch. Turn the power off then back on to reset the air conditioner, if this does not work, turn it off for 30 minutes then turn it back on.

Power Circuit

If multiple appliances are connected and working on the same power circuit this could be causing your air conditioner to not work. An easy way to solve this is by removing other appliances from the power circuit so the air conditioner is the only appliance on the circuit. This will allow it to get more power flor to the air conditioner and make it work more efficiently.


The air conditioner thermostat regulates the temperature that is being blown out of the unit. If the other parts of the air conditioner are working, check the thermostat lastly because it may have “rested” after the power outage. Set the thermostat switch to “ON” and set a temperature lower than the current air temperature.


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