Spring Cleaning: Your Master Pantry Checklist


Spring is officially here which means opening windows and giving your home a deep clean. Spring cleaning allows you to clean out areas of your kitchen, such as your refrigerator, range, and microwave but that’s not the only thing in your kitchen that needs a little TLC. Your pantry is one of the most forgotten areas when it comes to cleaning. Cleaning your pantry will help you get organized and ensure your food is safe to consume. A clean and organized pantry is important maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Toss expired foods
Foods past their expiration date might develop mold, become stale, and even have a bad smell. Eating foods that are way past their prime can cause an upset stomach and may cause serious food poisoning. Check the dates of your foods and if you notice any items that have passed their expiration date, toss it. If you come across an item that is nearing their date, set on your counter and try to make use of it before it expires.


Deep clean your pantry
Even though your refrigerator is important when it comes to your perishable goods, you still shouldn’t neglect your pantry. Over time, your pantry will accumulate dust and might even have bugs. In order to keep your food good to consume, you should clean your pantry annually. Vacuum the shelves of any crumbs and dust. Get a clean washcloth and a bucket with hot, soapy water and get scrubbing. Make sure to wipe down all the shelves and even any cans that might have exploded or spilled.


Organize your pantry
The beauty of cleaning your pantry is knowing what is actually in it. This eliminates re-purchasing foods that you already had in your pantry but might have forgotten about it. Keeping similar items together like your captain crunch cereal with your honey nut cheerios will enable you to recognize items better without getting disorganized.



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