Kitchen Range Buying Guide


Your range is the centerpiece and workhorse of your kitchen so it’s important you choose one you will love. The big selling ranges are electric radiant smooth top ranges, but there are many options! Alternative options include double-oven ranges which are good for multitaskers, wall oven and cooktop combo and more! We’re here to help you choose the perfect range for your kitchen!


What To Consider?


There are typically two types of ranges, freestanding and slide-in ranges. Freestanding ranges are the easiest to install and very popular. The oven control panel is typically on the back panel above the cooktop surface. Slide-in ranges easily slide in between the surrounding cabinets and give off a built-in look. The backsplash is visible in this range because there is no back panel and the oven controls are on the front of the range. Depending on where you put your range, you should consider these two types of ranges and choose which you think is best!


A range that is roomy comes in handy when you’re preparing for a large get-together or a holiday! Choose a range that you think will be able to contain all you’re cooking. If you find yourself cooking frequently and in large amounts, then get a range with a large capacity inside.


For the most part, the size of ranges is quite similar, but there are pro-style ranges that may be a little bit bigger. Electric and gas ranges are 30 inches wide. Homeowners believe the bigger the range the better and faster it works, but larger ranges are not always the best performing. On the other hand, many ranges today have similar characteristics to larger ones like large knobs, style, and rugged grates for less money. Choose one that fits well in your kitchen!



Which Type is Right for You?

Electric SmoothTop

The most popular range types are electric smoothtop ranges. They have at least one high power burner and a warming element in the center to keep side dishes warm. These ranges also have abundant dual or triple elements which let you switch from a high power element to a lower power element.

Electric Induction

These ranges use magnetic coils which are located below the ceramic glass surface, to generate heat directly to the pan. These allow precise control and simmering. This is a good range for cooking who are cautious of how their food is being cooked and ensuring control when cooking.


Some homeowners are more comfortable cooking with a gas range. The flame makes it easy to judge the heat and know when to lower or increase it. Most gas ranges have four surface burners which can come in three different sizes. Some gas ranges have a fifth burner instead of a middle section where you can hold your utensils when cooking.



We hope this helps you choose the right range for you! Check out our website to find any appliance repair parts you may need. Have a question, tip, or comment?  Leave it for us below!  Be sure to like and share this post and subscribe to the 1st Source Servall Blog to receive regular updates.

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