Undercounter refrigerators are typically used in commercial environments when you need to save space in compact living areas and in smaller kitchens. These undercounter refrigerators have become very popular and homeowners understand the benefits and potential of these refrigerators. Kitchen sizes have increased and the need for extra refrigeration has become apparent. If you’re considering purchasing an undercounter refrigerator, look no further! We have displayed the top five undercounter refrigerators you should look into.


Liebherr UPR503

This undercounter refrigerator is adjustable to properly fit your counter space in height and depth for countertops that are at most 34 inches high. The refrigerator is 24 inches and you can customize panels to the front to create a clean streamlined look. This will help the refrigerator blend with the rest of your cabinets. In the refrigerator, there is a drawer which holds fruits and vegetables and a bottle shelf that can be removed. The shelves are glass and have rails that can be used to store food in different ways. It has a low cooling circuit, speed controlled compressors and is virtually silent. This model also has a super cool function that optimizes the cold reserves in your refrigerator so freshly stored food can be chilled rapidly. Lastly, it has a digital temperature control that is displayed through magic Eye by LED’s.


UIK 1550.jpg


Sub Zero ID30CX

This unit from sub-zero has a double door design that includes a refrigerator and freezer. This 30-inch unit provides innovative designs and plenty of storage for food items that need to be refrigerated and frozen. This unit is Energy Star and Star-K certified! The highlights of this unit are, it is ready to be fitted with custom panels and handles to blend with your cabinets. It has smart-touch controls for streamlined access to even more settings. Lastly, it has soft close doors and drawers as well as soft on LED lights which various degrees of brightness. You can get an additional ice maker for the freezer if you’d like.




Summit AL54

The Summit AL54 offers style and homeowner friendly features that make this an ideal and great choice for residential use. It is 32 inches in height and fits under lower ADA comparable counters. It consists of many tiny features that make it unique. For example, a reversible stainless steel door with a styled handle and an installed lock for safety. A modern black interior with adjustable glass shelves recessed LED lighting and an internal fan. This unit is equipped with a digital thermostat that lets you manage the interior temperature and it has an open door and high-temperature alarms. Lastly, the unit is 100 percent CFC free which means it is environmentally friendly with no ozone-damaging chemicals.





Undercounter refrigerators are booming in demand and there are many features and various price points available. These units are great for in and out of the kitchen uses. Homeowners are using undercounter refrigerators in their garage, home bar, and workplace. If you need additional cold storage but don’t want to purchase a full-sized refrigerator, an undercounter unit would be ideal for what you’re looking for!




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