Induction ranges gets cooking done and leaves the cooking surface cool by using an electromagnetic field to heat up pots/pans without heating up your kitchen. This electromagnetic field excites iron molecules into the pan to make it hot enough to cook food in. An induction range cooks food efficiently and rapidly while only heating up the pot and food inside. There are several advantages to induction ranges rather than gas or electric ranges.


Fast Heating & Cooling

Induction ranges cook food more quickly than electric coil and gas burner ranges and this can help you if you are pressed for time. Once you set the temperature, the pan quickly reaches that temperature and you can easily adjust the temperature higher or lower. Gas burners can adjust the temperature rapidly but have disadvantages in safety and access to clean the burners. Electric coils take a long time to heat up and cool down so you may be wasting extra time waiting for the coils to cool down. If you find yourself always pressed for time, then an induction range would be perfect for you! It is efficient, fast-paced, and easy to use!


Control of Temperature

Sometimes it is hard to control the temperature of the stovetop. For example, have you ever switched from the number 6 on the oven knob to 5 and the water you’re heating up went from boiling to barely bubbling? No worries because with an induction range, you have precise control of the temperature. It also has more temperature settings than other stovetops and maintains an excellent low-temperature simmer.


Smaller Risk of Burns

Ever burn your food while cooking? You won’t have to worry about that anymore because induction ranges reduce the risk of burners because the surface of the range is cool everywhere other than where the pot touches.

  • If the heating unit is accidentally turned on without a pot on top, it will not get hot.
  • Once you take the pot off the cooktop, the range cools down.
  • Some induction ranges automatically turn off the electromagnet once the pot is removed.
  • They are not meant to heat up small pieces of metal like a ring on a hand.

***These are all great feature if you have children in your home!


Energy Efficiency

Instead of transferring heat from burners to pans, inductions ranges heat the pans directly. This could save you money on your energy bill over time, which will make the purchase of an induction range well worth it.


Low Risk of Fire

Fire is risky with open flamed gas ranges and electric coils pose some fire danger as well. On the other hand, nothing will burn on the surface of an induction range for these three reasons…

  1. Grease and food that is spilled onto the surface of the range won’t burn.
  2. Dishtowels or other material that accidentally touches the cooking surface will not burn.
  3. The electromagnetic field in the induction is not known to spark fires.


Easy Cleaning

Best part ever! Induction ranges are super easy to clean all you have to do is add cleaning solution to the surface and wipe it off. There is no need for lifting out the burners and food doesn’t get baked on the surface because the surface remains cool.


Clean, Cut, Modern Look

This clean, trendy, uncluttered surface is the perfect design for a simple modern kitchen design. The indication range looks very elegant opposed to electric coils or gas burners. This range would work well in any kitchen type.

***Having an induction range can enhance your home’s resale value!




Thanks for reading! Hopefully, this informs you on Induction Ranges and all the benefits it has to offer!

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