Why Is My Dryer Not Drying?


Depending on the type of dryer you own (gas or electric), the type of fabric, the size of the load you are putting into the dryer, how wet the clothes are, and the condition of your dryer exhasut venting will determine your drying time.

Here are some things you can check if your dryer is not heating or is taking too long to dry your clothes.

Before doing any repairs of checking any parts in your dryer please be sure to unplug your dryer from its power source and wear work gloves.

Proper Ventilation

Your dryer requires unrestricted flow from the lint trap to the point where vent exits your exterior wall.  If the air is not able to move within the dryer, then the high limit switch will cut out the heat in a short period of time. Be sure to clean the filter of any lint and residue build-up from dryer sheets and check to see if the dryer vent hose is clogged. The closer the hose is from the dryer to the exterior wall, the faster and more efficiently it will dry the clothes and will prevent clogs.

Check the duct work

Make sure there is no obstruction to your dryer’s ducting. Also be sure to check the outside wall and that it is operating efficiently. You should be using proper flexible ducting. Make sure you clean the duct work once a year to ensure that you have proper air flow from your dryer to the outside.

Lint filter

Clean the lint filter after every load. You can clean the lint filter with warm soapy water.

Is your washer the issue?

The washer controls may be incorrectly set, which is causing your dryer to operate correctly. If the clothes are more wet than normal, this could be the problem. Make sure your washer’s spin cycle is operating correctly in order to remove as much water as possible from the clothes. Choosing a gentle speed may leave more water in your clothes than you expect. A high speed spin will remove more water from the clothes thus decreasing your drying time.

Are the clothes soaking wet after being washed?

If you can ring water out of your clothing then it might be due to a loose drive belt or a problem with the transmission. In that case, the parts will need to be replaced. Contact a service technician to help with this repair.

Too Many/ not enough clothes in the dryer

You may be putting too many clothes in your dryer, which is causing your dryer not to fully dry your clothes completely. Refrain from combining washer loads to one big dryer load. This will cause your dryer to over work causing damage to your unit.

Are you sorting correctly?

If you are sorting your clothes incorrectly it can cause improper drying. You should not mix heavy, hard-to-dry items with lightweight articles. Wash and dry similar like articles of clothing.

Thanks for reading!

If you need to replace any parts for your washer or dryer you can find an oem replacement part on our website.

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