Make Use of Your Old Refrigerators


Your refrigerator is the appliance used most in your household and for the most part the most expensive.  Typically the life expectancy of a refrigerator is 10 – 15 years depending on the brand and how you maintain your refrigerator. Once your appliance breaks, it becomes too costly to repair it and there isn’t much use for it. Instead of tossing your refrigerator out, here are some creative uses to bring your old refrigerator back to life.


When your refrigerator has lost its power to refrigerate, using it as a bookshelf is a great idea to make use of its function to hold items.  Clean the interior and take off the door, then proceed to add in your books. If you want a modern look to your bookshelf, you can add some color and designs by painting, or decorating your crisper drawers.


Convert your refrigerator to a pantry by removing the door and fill it up with canned goods, and other food items.

Garden Planter

Who needs a raised flower bed when you can just make it with your old refrigerator? All you need is to have a professional remove the refrigerant then you can take out the shelves and door. Next, you will need to drill small holes in the back of the refrigerator for drainage. If you want to get a little trendy you can paint the exterior so it matches the garden.

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